Who is DIY Surveillance Pro?

Quite simply we are your “Do it Yourself Surveillance Experts“. DIY Surveillance Pro was created by a team of security experts dedicated to providing customers with the best DIY surveillance products available. We have been in the industry for a combined 25 Years and have witnessed many changes. The one area of change where we took notice was the technologies becoming available for the everyday user. With breakthroughs in wireless technologies, home or business internet systems and smart phones we knew it was time to help our customers gain access to this technology. DIY Surveillance Pro offers customers the ability to install security cameras and equipment easily and affordably.


Our specialty is in Surveillance Cameras, nanny cameras, spy cameras, surveillance kits, video intercoms, baby monitors, recorders, counter surveillance, wireless cameras, Wi-Fi cameras and much more! All of our products are carefully selected for ease of use, quality and affordability. We want you to be able to protect your home or businesses easily and within your budget.


At DIY Surveillance Pro we recognize that not everyone wants to have contractors in there house or business. Installers can make things messy and disrupt everyday life and routine and can be very expensive. Our products eliminate that. We make it easy for you to set up the equipment and get on with your lives.


DIY Surveillance Pro has helped customers all over the USA. We have helped customers in Texas, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, and everywhere in between. Each customer has been left satisfied because we do the hard work for you and let you reap the benefits.


It is our goal to make it easy for you to access the products you need. If you have trouble locating something, or just have a question, please fill out our contact us form or call our customer service line at 800-930-6875. Our security design professionals will be ready to help.