DID YOU KNOW-DIY Learning Center

Welcome to DIY Surveillance Pros “Did You Know” Learning Center section of our website. Our goal for this section is to teach you how to properly set up your new system or cameras all by yourself. This area is dedicated to the Do it Yourselfer in all of us. Here you will find information and facts to help you better understand how Security Surveillance works. We gather all the information you will need and make it easy for you to follow so you can set up your own systems easily. We will feature our product set up videos, demos and quick facts all of which will help you Do It Yourself. Don’t forget to click our Basics of CCTV tab on the bottom of our page Basics Of CCTV. Whenever you see or hear a term you may not know of we most likely have it right here.


Learning Videos:

DIY Surveillance Pro has gathered some of the latest videos on our main products and shared them with you to help you better understand how to setup and install our products. Some of our videos are made by our partners while others are made by DIY Surveillance Pro. The main goal is to help you Do it Yourself.

Wanscam model HW0021 WIFI Camera Setup. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to set up a WIFI camera by yourself.


For IPhone:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzLS3w4OlAI
For Android:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjMuU_pHULE
For computer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnvnU67EoQo


Quick Facts:

Here we have highlighted the most common terms or descriptions you will come across when shopping on our site. These are based mainly on the type of Products we have for sale.

Baby Cameras

Cameras specifically designed to help monitor your baby. Most have night vision and audio and are wireless. In addition some are Pan/Tilt which allows you to move around the room.


A type of network cabling used to transmit IP and Network Cameras video signal and in some cases the power.

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance means the use of a device to detect spy gadgets or hidden cameras in your home or office. They can also be listening devices or GPS tracking devices.


A unit of equipment that displays on the video from your DVR, NVR or Camera. Our monitors are either LED or LCD. Just like your computer or home TV.

Nanny Camera:

Nanny Camera is a term used to describe a camera that is hidden in everyday household objects such as Teddy Bears, Tissue Box, Air Cleaner, Smoke Detectors etc. They come either with hard wired or wireless options. The wireless options record to an SD card.

Pan and Tilt

Camera has the ability to Pan (Left or Right) and Tilt (Up and Down).

POE Switches

POE means power over Ethernet. In relation to our devices we offer IP cameras that can be powered with just one cable by using a POE switch or an NVR with a built in POE switch.

SD Card

SD Cards are used to record video directly to the Camera. The Video is stored to the SD card whenever motion is activated. Any of our cameras that take SD cards can handle up to 32GB.

Surveillance Kits

These are pre made kits that allow the customer to simply plug and play. Most of our kits come with all the items you will need including the recorder, cameras and cabling.


A lot of DIY’s cameras are either self -contained which means they record to themselves and only need power or they are using a wireless signal to transmit which would typically be using WIFI signal on your home or business router.