Baby Intercom and Baby Monitor Cameras

Baby Intercom and Baby Monitor Cameras

DIY Surveillance Pro offers the latest in Baby Camera or Baby Monitor technology. All our Baby Cameras come with Wireless Video technology and can operate on your home WIFI system. Some of our systems can be accessed via your IPAD, laptop or Smart Phones. Some models offer two way communication and nigh t vision. To help you better monitor your precious baby, you can also select baby cameras that pan and tilt so you can check out the room in more detail.

We know you want to keep an eye on your baby at all hours of the day, especially when you’re at work, and our baby monitor cameras make that possible. The simplicity of our baby intercom systems provide simple connectivity, and a handheld monitor so you can see—and hear—every moment that happens while you’re away.

Browse our selection of baby intercoms in New York to make the best choice for your household. A baby intercom from DIY Surveillance Pro offers many features so you can rest easy at night.

Where to Put Your Monitor Cameras:

DIY Surveillance Pro suggests you put these cameras in your loved ones room near the crib, bed or pack and play. Our baby cameras in New York will allow you the assurances that your baby or child is protected in a safe and sound environment. There is no better feeling than knowing your baby or child is protected by DIY Surveillance Pro’s durable and quality Baby Cameras.

Some Fun Facts:

The first baby monitor was invented in 1937 and was called the Radio Nurse. Technology has advanced where the baby monitor cameras come complete with high-resolution video recordings, internet capabilities, and wireless portability.


DIY Surveillance Pro has very carefully chosen the best and most cost effective Baby Cameras available in New York.

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