Video Door Intercom Cameras

DIY Surveillance Pro offers the latest in Intercom Camera technology. Our Intercom Cameras are all wireless, and some of our Intercoms are battery operated. They are great for home or businesses. They will let you know who is at your entrance at all times and help you feel protected and informed on who is ringing your doorbell. You will know who is there before you open that door to give you peace of mind and security.

The video door intercoms that we offer alert you to visitors before you open the door. Our intercom cameras are highly durable, with front side resistance to water and operating temperatures in the extreme heat and freezing cold. With sharp image quality and high-resolution pictures, the video door intercoms provide added security when answering the door.

Where to Put The Intercom System:

We suggest you put these Intercom Cameras at your home or office entrances, or rear delivery doors. Most customers install them at their homes front door, or their businesses rear door for deliveries, etc. It’s a better feeling when you know your home or business is protected by DIY Surveillance Pro’s specialized Intercom Cameras. Since our Intercom Camera systems are all wireless it makes it a cinch to install.

Some Fun Facts:

Video door intercoms have been around since about the time the Phone was invented. The downside was they always required cabling to be pulled and this is not always cheap. Now it’s easy and wireless, even my Mother in Law can figure them out.


The best and most affordable Intercom cameras available today are carefully selected by DIY Surveillance Pro. Our video door intercoms offer the best way to protect yourself.

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Do not hesitate to contact our customer service number to discuss with us whether an Intercom Camera system is right for you, and your needs. (800) 930-6875.

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