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theft security systems new yorkDIY Surveillance Pro offers the latest in IP camera technology. IP is short for Internet Protocol. IP camera images are the equivalent to your High Definition TV you may have in your home. The picture quality of our theft security systems are much clearer and crisper. Our IP cameras come in 720p to over 1080P. IP cameras in Boston and New York also do not require Coaxial cable and power cabling to be transmitted.

All you need is 1 Ethernet cable and you can send the video and power signal over 1 cable. The IP cameras are paired or connected to an NVR system, which is the Network Video Recorder.

Connect the technology to your Wi-Fi, and receive two-way audio for your theft security systems in Philadelphia. Whether you’re operating a Mac or a PC, you can trust the IP theft security systems from DIY Surveillance Pro to give you the security you need to stay relaxed when you’re away.

Where to Put Your IP Surveillance Cameras:

DIY Surveillance Pro suggests you put these home security camera systems in Philadelphia are right for your property. (800) 930-6875.

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