Wifi Cameras

DIY Surveillance Pro offers the latest in WIFI Camera technology. WIFI Cameras are IP cameras that allow the customer to operate them without any wires besides the power cable. That means you save on installation costs, cabling and time. All you have to do is program them, plug them in and you’re up and running. You can install the WIFI cameras indoors or outdoors and run them on your home or business WIFI. WIFI cameras can also be used for Baby Monitors. Our WIFI cameras come in many different options including; indoor fixed, indoor Pan/Tilt, outdoor fixed megapixel and all come with night vision. The WIFI cameras come with software that allows you to view them through your smart phone, laptop or IPAD. You will have the ability to see what’s going at home or the business from the convenience of your smart-phone or laptop anytime you want. Another awesome feature is the cameras come with Audio and can allow you to hear what’s going on in the room. In fact we have some models that allow two way communication so you can talk to your baby or loved ones etc.

DIY Surveillance Pro really likes that the cameras can record to a mini SD card installed right behind the cameras (sold separately). This allows you to record and review video footage anytime you want and to make sure nothing wrong happened when you were not watching.

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