Counter Surveillance Systems

counter surveillance systemDIY Surveillance Pro offers the latest in Counter-Surveillance equipment to help you find hidden spy cameras, listening devices, or spy bugs that have been planted in your home or office. We make finding them easy and affordable. We all know we’re going to be under surveillance at certain places, but we like our privacy, as well.

When we’re in our home or office, we have the right to know if we are under surveillance. With a counter surveillance system, you’ll be able to determine if you are being secretly recorded. Sometimes, we worry too much about whether people are listening in or watching, but having the system will provide peace of mind no matter your scenario.

Some cases that could involve your movements being recorded include tapping into private phone conversations and accessing Wi-Fi or internet connections at home or work. Even if your office or bedroom has been bugged, our counter surveillance system has been tried and tested to detect any transmission from cameras or listening devices.

Video recorders can be produced the size of a pin to avoid detection, but our systems will alert you when hidden cameras are present in your home or office, even when the device is currently powered off. They are safe and portable so you can have peace of mind when you need complete privacy.

How does the counter surveillance work?

We have a number of products that are designed with innovative technology to scan all the video frequencies in your immediate vicinity. When a frequency or transmitter has been detected, your system will lock onto the transmission and you will be alerted by a distinct tone. If you do find traces or video surveillance equipment in a private quarters, your counter surveillance system will allow you to see and hear what that device is detecting.

You can now detect whether you’re being tracked by a GPS device, telephone bug, hidden spy camera, or other mini spy cameras and devices using common frequencies. It takes just five seconds from the time your system is turned on to detect any equipment in your area.

Whether it’s our Mini Camera Detectors or Simple to use Bug Detectors, we have the solution for you. Our variety of systems are designed to protect your privacy. Don’t let your privacy be invaded by others who are looking to harm you. Call us today at 800-930-6875 if you need more assistance and we’ll help you find the perfect counter surveillance system for your situation.

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