Hidden Cameras

DIY Surveillance Pro has the latest in hidden cameras. Our nanny cameras come in many different shapes and forms. You want to make sure your home and possessions are protected, both when you’re at home and when you’re away. With a mini hidden camera, you can be confident at all hours of the day. Live out your dream of being a spy with our hidden cameras for the home. Keep a close eye on all valuables, or even your children with the high performance hidden spy cameras that intruders won’t event know are there. You can easily keep an eye on the kitchen with a smoke detector camera, watch the bedroom and jewelry with the alarm clock camera, or keep a teddy bear on the shelf to watch your child’s room. Take advantage of various features—like motion detection and remote controls to stop/start a recording—that provide further convenience to staying on top of your property in Philadelphia, New York, or New Jersey.

Where to Put Them:

Put these hidden nanny cameras anywhere you want to observe someone unbeknownst to them. They are not easy to detect. With DIY Surveillance Pro you can finally get the answers to questions you may have had.

Some Fun Facts:

Some hidden spy nanny cameras are self-recording camcorders that record the video internally to a hard drive or memory card, which eliminates the need for a wireless receiver or wired connection to a VCR or DVR. Also nanny cameras can be hidden throughout your home. Get creative and keep an eye on your house!


DIY Surveillance Pro has selected the best and most practical Hidden and Nanny Cameras available today. The mini hidden camera is designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and help you keep an eye on your valuables and your family. We have you covered with our selection of spy cameras for home.

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Please do not wait to contact us on our customer service number listed below for advice on whether a Nanny Camera is the best choice for you. 800-930-6875.

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