Hidden Cameras for Home

hidden spy camerasWhen you want to keep an eye on your family and belongings when you’re away from the house, our hidden nanny cameras are an innovative solution for your peace of mind. No matter your situation, our selection of mini hidden spy cameras are practical and offer dual functionality. As technology advances and cameras get smaller, we’re able to place high-quality recording devices in common household items that won’t draw attention from others.

Only you will know where the nanny cameras in your Philadelphia or New York home are placed, and you’re afforded the benefits associated with the simplified recording.

• Self-Recording Camcorders
• Motion and Sensor Detection
• Scheduled Recording
• Internal Memory and Viewing with DVR Capabilities
• Warranty on All Products
• Start Recording with Remote Control

Hidden Nanny Cameras

Get creative with your cameras for home. You have the convenience of choosing a product that will blend in seamlessly with the home. Hang up your keys and use the camera in our keychain recorder, or keep an eye on your jewelry and bedroom with our hidden camera alarm clock.

Is there suspicion with your babysitter or maids at your New York home? Do you want to make your children are behaving when you’re not there? The hidden spy cameras are perfect for home or office settings so you can record in stealth mode.

With hidden nanny cameras situated in high traffic rooms of the home, we have you covered. With a built-in microphone on many of our mini cameras for home, not only will you see pictures, but hear conversations that occur when you’re away from New York.

Mini Hidden Cameras

Our mini cameras for home environments provide you with answers to your suspicions, or at the very least, ensure your valuables are safe when you’re not around. Our products allow you to record in real-time and place the device in any part of the home.

From a plug outlet to a hidden camera alarm clock to a mini coat hanger spy cam, you can find every stealth recording device you’re looking for through DIY Surveillance Pro. With our products, you’re in control of your recordings and receive peace of mind that your New York property and possessions are being protected when away from the home.
If you have any questions regarding a particular product, contact our customer service professionals for advice or specifics.

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