Wireless Cameras

wireless cameras new yorkWhen you want to increase security around your home or in your office, wireless cameras offer easy installation and setup without the clutter of cables and wires. We provide innovative products that record in crystal-clear quality and convenient viewing access through any device you’re using.

We all want simplicity, and that’s what is offered by our hidden spy cameras. Our wireless cameras in New York are operated by batteries, and there are certain measures you can take to get the longest life out of each recording.

• Motion and Sensor Detection
• Scheduled Recording at Certain Times of Day or Week
• Continuous Recording

As small as our products are, they won’t look out of place when they’re set up in common areas of the house. For your convenience, we have carefully chosen the most affordable wireless cameras on the market in New York and around the country. When you sense suspicious activity or items are frequently disappearing from your home or office, make sure you get to the root of the problem with a reliable spy video camera and DVR viewing capabilities from a remote location.

What other benefits will you receive with wireless recording devices?

• Time and Date Stamp for Easy Reference
• Remote Control to Turn Off and On the Video
• Audio Options to Hear Sound
• High-Resolution Video
• Color Images with Still Photos to Save

We have Wi-Fi compatible cameras, and solar panel cameras that offer easy setup without the wires. On all of our wireless devices, including our innovative coat hanger spy cam, we feature the software that enables you to view recordings through a smartphone, tablet, PC, or other device in New York. Depending on the camera you choose, you can be presented with two-way audio. Use wireless systems to save on installation costs and time.

Our New York wireless cameras come with a one-year warranty so you can be sure your device is reliable and high-performing. All camera options vary, and the device can be placed in a compact item to avoid detection from those you’re spying on.

Record in any setting you’d like and adjust easily for optimal convenience. If you have any questions about our products or how you can retrieve the video and action you have captured, reach out to our customer service representatives at 800-930-6875.

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