1080P Hunting Trail Camera

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Capture Deer and other Animals with our Super High Resolution Trail Camera with Night Vision (it sees at night). When a deer or animal crosses this cameras view you will get a Text and Email Alerts. Leave this camera up to record what is coming through your land to go back and make the shot.

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DIY’s best hunter/trail camera. You will get HD video with Night Vision so you don’t miss anything that crosses this cameras path. You will receive Emails or Text Messages to show you what game is passing through your spot. You will be excited and prepared when you get into that tree stand or lay down to scope out your next big kill.


Record up to 1080p full HD video or take 12.0 megapixel still images
•Durable design eliminates mechanical failure due to poor connections
•Records up to 1080p HD video with audio and takes up to 12.0 megapixel still images
•940 nm no glow LEDs can see in the dark up to 45 feet
•Sends email or SMS text message alerts accompanied by a still image for event notification in real-time
•Front-facing LCD display lets you preview video to ensure proper angle (aiming) and mounting
•Laser pointer provides a preview of the center of the image to ensure you capture what you are aiming at over long distances
•Quad-band GSM network works with T-Mobile and AT&T (internal slot supports T-Mobile and AT&T GSM SIM cards)
•Low battery alert automatically

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Weight 6 lbs

1 Year


Simply this unit is meant for capturing and recording your hunting spots. It will send you an email or text message anytime something comes across the camera. That way your always aware and prepared for what you need to do to bring home that trophy. This camera can also be used for covert operations in your backyard or property. You can catch wrong-doers without them ever knowing.


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