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Terms & Conditions of Safety & Security Pro, LLC DBA DIY SURVEILLANCE PRO and www.diysecuritysurveillance.com and The Purchase of Products from the DIYSecuritySurveillance.com (Safety & Security Pro, LLC).

Diysecuritysurveillance.com (Safety & Security Pro, LLC) will appear on your credit card, bank statement. Before your transaction is done, you must read and agree to these terms and conditions by (Safety & Security Pro, LLC). By purchasing our products from (Safety & Security Pro, LLC) or our website) agreeing to be legally bound by them. This agreement is subject to change by DIYsecuritysurveillance.com (Safety & Security Pro, LLC) at any time. Changes may occur frequently but once you purchase a product you will be bound by them.


The web site located at http://www.diysecuritysurveillance.com (“this Site”) is managed by (Safety & Security Pro, LLC). The following terms and conditions governs your use of this Site and the purchase of products by you through this Site and (Safety & Security Pro, LLC). By using this Site, DIYSecuritysurveillance.com (Safety & Security Pro, LLC) you are placing an order, ordering by phone, or submitting a purchase order, you are indicating your acceptance of the following terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”). The Terms and Conditions shall supplement any or all subsequent terms or any or all conditions included with your purchase, in addition whether or not such terms or conditions are signed by us (DIY SURVEILLANCE PRO or (DIYSECURITYSURVIELLANCE.COM or Safety & Security Pro, LLC). We reserve the right to make any and all changes to this Site (DIYSECURITYSURVIELLANCE.COM) and these Terms and Conditions at any time, so please check back periodically.


Return Policy:

You as a customer of Diysecuritysurveillance.com/Safety& Security Pro, LLC agree to comply with and will be bound by the return policies as it pertains to returns of products purchased through this Site. Our RETURN POLICY is now within. All products purchased through Diysecuritysurveillance.com and Safety & Security Pro, LLC are limited to a 30 day return policy.


Replacement, Returns, Cancelled Purchases & Warranty:
By your purchase from Diysecuritysurveillance.com and Safety & Security Pro, LLC, you agree to this and our policy said forth and within:

If you return a product under Warranty you must follow the laws within: All Returns under warranty will need a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). If you don’t have an RMA or original sales receipt and ship back address for your purchase it will be refused. In order to return a product purchased through diysecuritysurveillance.com and Safety & Security Pro, LLC you will need an RMA number. To obtain an RMA number please call our customer support number 800-930-6875 at  Monday thru Friday 8am to 5 pm Est. Please have your receipt number. All products being shipped back must have a RMA number and must be shipped with a Tracking number.

We will honor all manufacturer warranties as long as they meet the warranty offered by the Manufacturer. If you need more information on the warranty coverage please contact us at our customer support number 800-930-6875 and we will be happy to assist you.
If your product arrives damaged please call diysecuritysurveillance.com/Safety & Security Pro, LCC immediately to take the next appropriate steps to return the item. When your item arrives at your home or business please take the time to check the item for any damage or defects. Please also make sure you received the proper item and it meets your surveillance needs.

The Customer pays for shipping in both directions for shipping to and from DIYSecuritysurveillance.com/ Safety & Security Pro LLC, or RMAs and repairs, including repairs for defective items. If it’s found that your item is defective or meets warranty standards you will be refunded the shipping costs. If you require a replacement we will send the product only after the returned item(S) are received and only if a tracking number is provided. All returned items must include all original products and paperwork, including manuals.
(DIYsecuritysurveillance.com)/Safety & Security Pro, LLC’s Liability extends only to the amount of the invoice and product purchased.


Diysecuritysurveillance.com /Safety &Security Pro, llc shipping terms:

We ship by our terms, all packages must be signed for. If a package is lost or not signed for we are not liable. We will not refund any monies if a package is lost or not signed for.


If you cancel your Order:

Orders placed cannot be cancelled once it has been Shipped. cancellation of any order that has not yet been shipped is subjected to a 15% cancellation fee.



Once in a while we post you-tube videos or content on our website to promote products or educate are customers. You agree upon your purchase(s) to hold diysecuritysurveillance.com or Safety & Security Pro, LLC harmless for all or any wrongdoing actions related to all subjects related to each and any/all posts, videos or areas where we promote products.


Order Acceptance:

In order to have the terms of payment to diysecuritysurveillance.com/safety &security pro, LLC it shall be determined in our discretion and as otherwise agreed to:

Any and All Payment(s) shall be made by a credit card or some other pre-arranged method of payment acceptable to the Online Store up to and including PAYPAL. Your receipt via an electronic order form (credit card, PayPal or any accepted form of payment via our website) of order confirmation does not warrant our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of the order or our offer to sell. We reserve the right, without prior or any notification, to accept or decline your order or limit the order quantity for any reason. Where payment is made by credit card or PayPal or such payment is subject to the approval of the financial institution issuing the credit card or PayPal bank and we shall not be liable in any way if such financial institution refuses to accept or honor the credit card or PayPal transaction for any reason. We require all credit card information including security codes and address verification before said transaction will be processed. In addition we will not process or ship any products via PayPal unless there is an address match on the PayPal account purchasing said products from diysecuritysurveillance.com or safety & security pro, llc.


Taxes on Sales:

Diysecuritysurveillance.com/safety &security pro,llc is by law obligated to withhold sales tax for delivery within certain states and any and all taxes will be automatically charged and withheld. If a Customer provides us with a valid exemption certificate applicable to the product ship-to location prior to our acceptance of the order we will withhold said taxes but hold no responsibility if the form is wrong or misleading.


Site Availability:

Diysecuritysurveillance.com or Safety & Security Pro, LLC may at any time may block or not allow your access to the site if you warrant or you have brought harm or malicious activity towards the site. This includes terminating log in or password info.



Diysecuritysurveillance.com/Safety & Security Pro, LLC will only offer the manufactures warranty if your defect meets the manufactures warranty criteria. We Diysecuritysurveillance.com/Safety & Security Pro, LLC take no responsibility of any defects and or problems of any products sold through this site. If you buy/purchase a product through our site Diysecuritysurveillance.com you acknowledge the terms of the warranty and will forfeit all legal rights as proclaimed above, further more you will if you cannot find a resolution with Diysecuritysurveillance.com and or Safety & Security Pro, LLC not take any legal or civil actions against Diysecuritysurveillance.com or Safety& Security Pro, LLC.


All and any content included on this website diysecuritysurveillance.com, including but not limited to text pictures, pictures, logos, audio and visual pictures any or all downloads, clips of any nature, software or any other area or technology pertaining to DIYsecuritysureillance.com is the property of DIYsecuritysurveillance.com (Safety& Security Pro, LLC), or their content suppliers and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. All rights reserved.

All software used on this Site is the property of the DIYsecuritysurveillance.com (Safety& Security Pro, LLC) or its software suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws.

All and or any things indicated as trademarks or registered trademarks on this Site are registered trademarks of DIYsecuritysurveillance.com and or of Safety & Security Pro, LLC in the United States and other countries. Other graphics, logos, pictures, fun stuff, page headers, icons, non-icons and names, trademarks or anything to do with and or related to or being of DIYsecuritysurveillance.com, or their content suppliers. The copyrights and proprietary manner that relates to anything factual on this Site may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not ours, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits us. Diysecuritysurveillance.com and Safety & Security Pro, LLC have all other trademarks not owned by us or our subsidiaries that appear on this Site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by us.


Applicable Law:

You agree that any legal action brought against DIYsecuritysurveillance.com or Safety & Security Pro, LLC shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without regard to conflict of law principles. You may also agree that the sole jurisdiction and venue for any litigation arising from your use of our products or orders made on this Site shall be an appropriate federal or state court located in Philadelphia, PA.

You Agree that DIYsecuritysurveillance.com or Safety & Security Pro, LLC shall not or will not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever (including without limitations, Attorney fees) in any way due to, resulting from, or arising in connection with the use or our product, site, or services, or the failure of any covered party to perform its obligations, regardless of any negligence of any covered party.

We make no representations that the content or products in or on this Site DIYsecuritysurveillance.com or Safety & Security Pro, LLC is appropriate for use or access outside the United States. Those who choose to access or purchase products from this site DIYsecuritysurveillance.com or Safety & Security Pro, LLC from outside the United States do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws and are strictly prohibited from purchasing products from this Site said within.


If any provision or provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, such provision shall be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. Products purchased or received under these Terms and Conditions are subject to export laws and regulations of the United States. The products offered here are solely for the use of our customers. You may not assign your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions without our express written consent.


Other Terms and Conditions:

DIYsecuritysurveillance.com/Safety & Security Pro, LLC may have additional terms and conditions that govern its general corporate website and the use of that site. To see and review these terms and conditions, please visit the corporate web site of DIYsecuritysurveillance.com


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If you need to contact us please contact Diysecuritysurveilllance.com or Safety & Security Pro LLC and send any or all comments or questions to mike@diysecuritysurveillance.com or call us at 800-930-6875  Monday thru Sunday 24/7.