By:  Mike R.  October 27th, 2013.
Thanks guys!  Everything works just as we discussed.  Awesome picture!

By: Ruth B.  November 18th, 2013.
Thanks so much for helping me pick a baby monitoring system.  It works great, and was so easy to setup.  Truly a Do It yourself item.

By:  Bob C, November 29th, 2013.
Great design team at DIY.  Very professional, and answered my questions right away.  Great service.  Best of luck.

By:  Adam H.  December 17th
I just wanted to take a minute and thank Mike from DIY.  Thanks to you the covert camera we purchased caught who we were looking for only 2 days after it was installed.  Thank you for all of your help in solving my problem.

By:  Evan C., December 21st, 2013
Thank you for helping me pick a Wi-Fi camera for my house.  Now I can watch the house from my smartphone.  Great app, and great service.  Thanks!!!!

By:  Deb. G., December 23rd, 2013.
Amazing service!  Thank you for rush shipping my order before Christmas.  My little sister will get a kick out of this tiny little camera.

By:  Kim S.  January 6th, 2014.
Just wanted to say thank you to Chris at DIY.  He was great, and I ended up with the little spy gadget I was looking for.  Thanks to everyone, you’re the best.

By:  David D., January 28th, 2014.
Thanks for helping me with troubleshoot my system.  Great support

By:  Katie K., February 8th, 2014
Your baby monitors are great!

By:  Rick B., March 3rd, 2014.
Just wanted to say thank you to the DIY guys for talking me out of buying the little system I saw on another site.  This DIY system you sold me does everything I need it too, and the smartphone app is really easy to operate.  Thanks guys.

By:  Kristine G., April 6th, 2014.
Thank you for helping me with my system for my store.  Buying a wifi system saved us a lot of time and headaches.  Super easy, and super cheap!

By:  Dan B., May 12th, 2014
Thank you to the design team at DIY for helping me design a new system for all of my stores.  You really can’t beat it for the price, and it’s so easy to work with.  We are at 5 systems and counting, hopefully installing more soon.  Thanks guys!

By: Bobby C., Dec 05, 2014

Great Wifi Cameras. Thank you, now we can watch our Nanny when we are at work or out on the town.

By: John C., Dec 23, 2014

We love are new home surveillance camera kit. When we are away we can check on the house, pets and be assured everything is ok. Thanks DIY Surveillance Pro.